The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.
— William Osler

Our Philosphy



We believe in patient centered care and are committed to a holistic approach to patient treatment. We do not simply treat the disease, we treat the person affected by the disease. It involves treating the fear, confusion, anguish, and anger that may accompany a diagnosis. We believe that treatments should be delivered with understanding, kindness, compassion, and care. In addition, we believe that patient education is a big part of your treatment plan. It is our job to educate you on the specifics of your diagnosis, all treatment options, timeline, and expected outcomes. In many cases, we may need to move forward with treatment quickly and tough decisions need to be made. With your newly acquired knowledge, we will discuss your care and listen to your concerns while answering all of your questions. We are here to support you, educate you,


We are committed to providing safe, quality, cutting-edge care to each of our patients. It is impossible to deliver this high-level of care without spending a significant amount of time with our patients and their families. Therefore, we are committed to giving every patient the time needed to answer questions, address concerns, and facilitate care. We will consult with international experts in pathology, dentistry, radiology, oncology, and plastic surgery to determine the optimal treatment approach.